Breakouts can be caused by so many factors that sometimes it’s hard to know what we’re doing wrong. Sometimes it’s things that we can’t control that causes our breakouts. However there are many little things that we can do to help reduce our breakouts. By making these simple changes to our lives, our skin can begin to heal and perform optimally.

Changing your pillow case

When we sleep, that is when our skin repairs, detoxes and more so lying on a fresh pillow case is crucial. Your pillow case can collect oil, dirt and sweat from not only your face but your hair as well. EW! This dirt and bacteria can then be transferred to our faces during sleep, clogging our pores and irritating our skin. I recommend changing your pillowcase every couple days and washing your pillow every other month for the best results.

Are you drinking enough water?

Every health article you read talks about hydrating. If you could imagine a magical elixir that could ensure you live a healthier life, that elixir would be water. Increasing your water intake helps to flush out toxins, improving your skin and overall health. Our skin helps our body to naturally detoxify and defend us against environmental toxins. You should be drinking roughly 30mls for every kilo of your body weight.

No touching your face

When you touch your face, bacteria, oils and the like that are on our hands, are then transferred to your face. This can cause major breakouts.

Cleaning your Make-Up Brushes regularly

Like your pillow case, your brushes can collect oil, dirt and bacteria as well as a build up of old make-up. Cleaning your brushes regularly ensures that you are not transferring any bad stuff onto your face. Cleaning your brushes also ensures they’re ability to evenly distribute your makeup. Using a gentle cleanser or cleansing make-up remover to clean your brushes will ensure the bristles do not dry out. I recommend cleaning your brushes monthly, especially if you wear makeup often.

Refrain from Squeezing Pimples, we know, it can be hard to resist

Squeezing pimples can force bacteria deeper into your skin and cause the skin to become inflamed and irritated. Our skin naturally detoxes itself, so by leaving it alone to do it’s thing, this will ensure that the break out doesn’t spread and reduce the risk of scarring. Using a spot treatment of Tea Tree oil on pimples when they appear will help to reduce inflammation and irritation.

Cleaning your phone and glasses regularly

We touch our phones countless times a day and like touching our face, bacteria, oils and dirt can be transferred to our face. If you wear glasses, the same applies. Particularly if you have oily skin. While our skin does it’s thing, if our glasses our not cleaned regularly, any oil/bacteria collected on our glasses will be rubbed back into the skin, causing a breakout.


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Acne can be caused by many things including hormones, gut health, diet, insulin dysregulation and more. Seeing a naturopath is vital to understanding those underlying causes for your acne. Then your naturopath can tailor a treatment plan specifically to you, ensuring you see lasting results.