You may be stuck at home, but you’re not alone in this.
Sometimes it can be hard to attend an in person consultation, whether it be due to kids, work or if you’re in isolation, it can feel quite lonely. This is where Online consultations come in and save the day. The beauty of an Online consult is that it can be done anywhere you have reception/wifi. Both Initial and Follow up Naturopathy consults can be done online.


How does an Online Consult work?

I will send you a link that will take you to a secure platform for us to conduct our consultation.

Can my consult be over the phone?

Of course, I am happy to call you for your consult.

What can be treated with a video consult?

An Online Consultation can help the same way an in person consult can. I can email you any tests, if they are required and any supplements needed can be delivered to you.