Natural Medicine: Naturopathy

This doesn’t have to be your ‘normal’. Naturopathy really does work and can help you too!
I have seen countless people who were initially wary tor try Naturopathy due to either, a bad experience or hearing about a bad experience from a friend/family. People see me for a lot of reasons including:
  • They are living with uncomfortable symptoms
  • Don’t know what to eat for their body
  • Overwhelmed with internet articles giving them false information
  • Stressed, anxious, foggy and overwhelmed
  • They’re looking for a natural approach to medicine that will work alongside their GP
  • Wanting a clear treatment plan that doesn’t mask symptoms but targets the root cause
  • Feeling alone as no one seems to understand and help them
You’ve come to the right place. Finding a practitioner who really cares and wants to see you thriving can be hard, which is one of the reasons I became one myself. By analysing your:
  • symptoms and your health history
  • the environment in which you live, work and study
  • diet
  • family history
  • reaction to stress
  • sleep patterns
  • medications
  • pathology testing if needed, and more

I am able to see the bigger picture and create a customised, evidence based treatment plan that will suit your individual needs. My treatment plans can include more than just supplements, as I aim to bring you overall health, including your mind. I want to see you reach optimal health that lasts.


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