Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage is a massage that can assist you with any pain, discomfort and tightness you may be feeling. It is a type of therapeutic massage that can incorporate many different massage techniques and styles to assess and treat your pain. The big difference between remedial massage and many other styles of massage (including deep tissue, Swedish, and Thai) is that it includes an assessment as well as treatment. This is what makes it therapeutic. If you have injuries or conditions that might be involved in your pain or affect your treatment, these will be discussed in your assessment. I understand that you’ve come to see me for the hands-on part, so some of your assessment will be done during your massage and I will try to limit the talking beforehand to a few minutes. If you’ve ever walked out of a massage not feeling like the therapist got what you had come in for, this is why. An assessment is vital to understand what is causing your pain and discomfort.
Remedial massage is not just a deep/firm massage, although these techniques can be used if that’s what you need. It can incorporate deep tissue techniques, trigger point therapy and even sports massage. Does this mean that a remedial massage isn’t relaxing? No. At the end of the day, stress is one of the driving forces behind many dysfunctions and diseases. Therefore, it is just as important to take care of this as it is to work out any knots.
Remedial massage can also improve your circulation and blood supply, making it useful in recovery from injury and conditions like arthritis. Other common reasons people come in for a massage include neck, shoulder and back pain, and headaches.
I believe everyone is unique and we all need different things at different times; your neck pain and headaches are likely caused by similar things to the next persons but that doesn’t mean that you’ll experience it the same or that the same treatment will work. This means I will always customise your treatment for what you need on the day, ensuring you get the most out of each and every massage.


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